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The Revolution Has Begun

Across the country, Embrago is shattering assumptions about how women should get dressed.

Over these last three months I have stepped away from the computer and spent some time on the road, bringing Embrago to you.

From countryside to city, from small boutique to convention center, I have met old friends and new ones. I have launched partnerships with other women-owned businesses who share my belief that we deserve better choices. And I have shared the sweet prospect of bra-freedom with women from all over.

Philadelphia Freedom

A highlight of these travels was a trip to the east coast for the sold-out Pennsylvania Conference for Women. Embrago was one of a small group of invited women-owned businesses at the on-site event. I had the privilege of meeting and mingling with thousands of amazing women from different backgrounds who all shared a strong, energetic, and positive vibe. Everyone there was eager to learn and open to new opportunities, new friends, and new ideas.

It was the perfect environment for Embrago's new idea:

It's incredible how ingrained our belief is that a woman has to wear a bra to be fully dressed--even in her own mind.

There are a lot of practical reasons for managing breast movement, especially when you're full busted. That's not the issue.

It's about: why is a bra the ONLY option women have for support and coverage?

Embracing Revolutionary Design

I'm not the only one asking this any more.

I was blown away by Embrago's reception at the conference. Women stood in rows 3 and 4 deep around our booth watching our model show our designs. Ladies were practically cheering--some actually were!--as they saw truly new options for real women, based on these empowering ideas:

Full-busted women want high quality clothes designed for their bodies.

Let that last one sink in.

That tight band around your chest is the default design of every bra, cami, and shapewear on the market. That squeezy, constrictive elastic holds up to 90% of your bust weight. That requires a lot of force. The industry even calls their special material Power Mesh -- perversely proud of the fact that it is so unforgiving.

That band is the main reason women are in so much pain at the end of the day.

The vice-like grip on your torso makes it hard for you to move, hard to eat, and interferes with every natural movement of your body (including your muscles, nerves, circulation, lymph, and breath). That's why you instinctively rip it off at the first opportunity when you are in private. You need to breathe. It's primal.

So Embrago eliminates the problem.

(We also get rid of the pokey wires, digging straps and itchy tags that contribute to the general discomfort/torture of traditional intimates.)

The more I travel, the more I see the Embrago revolution coming to life.

Your support is the affirmation that this is the right thing--what we need and want: different and better full bust options,

Your stories and the ones you share about sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends who are relieved from the challenges of having a fuller bust are creating a buzz. The energy is building. The ceiling can't hold us!

I'm so excited to share this dream of bra-freedom and to see it resonate with you.

So seize the moment and bring the revolution to your hometown!


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