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The Best Full Bust Clothing for Confidence and Comfort

Five Ways Embrago’s Built-In Full Support is Really Different

Since Embrago launched, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how Embrago's world's-first full bust bra-free designs are different from other clothing.

When people first see our photos, they may think Embrago's dresses are just another #littleblackdress. When they read more, they may think it's more like a built-in bra tennis dress (sporty ready-to-wear/athleisure). They may wonder if Embrago’s tops are like loungewear (tank tops), or lingerie (camisoles), or yoga tops (athletic).

The truth is that Embrago is none of those things and all of those things. And more. Add in "Office Ready", "Comfort Glam" and "Outdoor Chic". And we're just getting warmed up.

So here's a breakdown of what makes Embrago so special:

1. Problem Boobs? We're Made For This.

Embrago’s bra-free clothing designs are intentionally engineered for the special needs of large breasts. And old ones, and floppy ones, and saggy ones. (There we said it. Sorry not sorry.)

Most other bra-free options today are designed to work for average body types. They rely on shelf-bras, foam cups, squeezy-tight shapewear fabric, or sewn-in hardware --like wires, hooks, and bands. These tricks work fine for smaller, firmer, younger bodies. But when your boobs are heavy or need more shaping, they leave you juggling the trade-off between comfort and support, sacrificing one for the other, and feeling insecure about not being fully supported or how to conceal a generous uniboob.

Embrago was created to solve this big bust problem and to give women with 'problem boobs' a fabulous bra-free option that they can really get excited about. We invented something new that is (a) really supportive, (b) actually comfortable for heavy breasts, and (c) amazingly shape-flattering.

We designed our now-patented support from scratch, not basing it on any other existing type of apparel design. We built it specifically for the needs and problems of larger breasts to support, shape, and comfort them in a more effective, compassionate way.

Fuller busts are heavier, so they need more lift. They’re often floppier, too, so they need more shaping. Typical built-in hardware digs in deeper and hurts more with the extra weight of a big chest. And padded foam cups are the last thing full-busted women need, with their extra bulk and heat-capturing synthetics.

So we eliminated all of the pokey, squeezy, sweaty, and diggy parts of the equation, and created an innovative support system using only super-soft fabric for totally bra-free comfort that provides secure support with coverage, lift, and shaping for curvier bodies.

So now even very large-busted women have the choice to be fully bra-free while feeling confident, feminine, and attractive. Embrago gives you back that confident feeling of loving how you look, and loving how you feel. Bonus: the bigger/floppier/older your boobs are, the more dramatic the transformation!

Embrago's design is so revolutionary, so effective, and so unique that it is recognized with a U.S. patent and two International Design Awards.

2. You Don’t Need to Know Your Bra Size.

We won't ask you for it. There's no need to visit a specialty shop or be fitted by an expert to find your Embrago size. We've eliminated all the confusion around bra-sizes, band-sizes, and cup-sizes with our unique Smart Sizing TechnologyTM.

We figure, you know your own body. You know if you want more secure support and shaping. We're here for that, and we won't put you through any mathematically intensive calculations or assign you a cup-size label. Embrago is a no stigma zone!

Our Smart SizingTM chart takes the mystery out of choosing your size. All you need is one measurement to find your best fit -- and there’s even a hack for that!

3. Our Designs Adapt To Your Changing Body.

Your body is constantly changing. Your bust size is not static. As anyone who’s ever unhooked her bra after dinner knows, your body can change from hour to hour over the course of a day depending on your level of activity, what you eat and drink, and your environment! Add to that a woman's ever-shifting hormones and those extra 5 (or 10 or 20) pounds that come and go and well, boobs change a lot, and all the time.

Those changes are normal, healthy, and they happen to everyone, so why should we be made to feel bad about them? But when we spill out of bras that fit yesterday and see the telltale puckering of a too-tight top strains across our chest, it's hard to feel our confident best.

Embrago makes clothes that anticipate and adapt to your body's ups and downs. Our styles are designed to be forgiving, allowing you to bend and breathe, expanding or contracting as needed to adapt to your daily weight or size. You'll enjoy a perfect fit and total comfort every day, regardless of what the scale says. You won’t even notice the subtle changes in your body, because you'll feel confident and look your best no matter what day of the month it is.

4. It’s Crossover Hybrid Clothing To Wear Anywhere.

Choose your look: Comfort Glam. Power Casual. Workleisure. Business Comfort. Office Ready. Sport Athleisure. Embrago's classic silhouettes and sleek styling go anywhere. Work or workout, relax or play. You can feel bra-free comfortable and classy confident everywhere.

Unlike “shapewear as streetwear," Embrago isn't underwear that you dare to bare. It's actual clothing, so you are fully and tastefully dressed, no matter how you style it. Under a blazer or cardigan, it’s office ready. Alone or under a hoodie, it’s gym attire. Paired with heels and jewelry, it’s evening wear. Skip the bra, skip the shapewear. Good to go.

Think of it like the SUV of women's clothing: utility, sportiness, and elegance combined into one stylish new package that takes you anywhere you want to go.

5. We Use Couture Fashion’s Secrets To Make You Look Great.

High-end designers know the top secrets to gorgeous silhouettes: the highest quality fabric, and meticulous, precise seaming. Full-busted women and mature-busted women especially benefit from more structure in their clothes to look their best.

Embrago invests in the highest quality, premium organic cotton fabric -- certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® -- and we add just enough stretch to allow for supreme comfort and compassionate give. The weight of the fabric is a substantial, a sign of its quality and durability, to provide security, coverage, and support. It's also strong and washable, and holds up wear after wear, while its natural breathability keeps you cool in warm weather, and warm in cool weather.

We hire highly-skilled sewers who are dedicated to their craft and work carefully to make sure every seam is exactly to standard, down to every millimeter, because the precision of this design is where the magic happens. Each piece is triple inspected for perfection. Our attention to detail goes far above and beyond industry standards, because we know that's the only way to get this right for the full-busted women we serve.

As soon as you touch an Embrago piece, you'll feel the difference of its substantial, luxe weight, and the fabric's beautiful hand. You'll admire the inside as much as the outside, with its perfectly stitched seams bound for softness and comfort. You'll notice there are no pokey things or scratchy labels -- we silk screen by hand -- and not so much a stray thread, thanks to our careful finishing techniques. (We also use the softest thread available, the kind they use in baby clothes, to avoid any skin irritation.)

Try your Embrago clothing on and you'll see and feel the difference immediately as the design goes to work creating your best shape, a sleek and gently-hourglassed silhouette that hugs and supports your curves with a softness that won't irritate even your most delicate and sensitive skin.

A New Choice Unlike Any Other

Once you see Embrago in person, you'll understand why its so special. Once you try it, you'll look and feel your most beautiful, confident best. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it. And you'll never look back.



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