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Are you "small but big"?

“Small but big”.

That’s what the bra shop lady said to me with a thick accent and a resigned shrug, as if to say, “I can do nothing for you.”

She left me there in her makeshift dressing room, a curtained-off corner of her dingy one-room bra shop on the east side of Baltimore. Half undressed. Unfittable.

I was 24 and it was the early 90's. I was in shape, fit and strong. But I felt alien and unacceptable in my small-but-big body, with its lean frame and large bust.

Thirty years later, I’m still on the small-but-big spectrum. And after decades of struggling with harness-like bras, I am tired. Let's be honest: even the prettiest full-cup underwires on the market today can make a gal feel like she’s tacking up a Clydesdale. ("Tighter!" "Pull harder!") My hands literally ache after putting one on.

There were so many times I asked myself, "Isn't there anything better?" Something more practical and comfortable – something easier – that can still make me look feminine and beautiful?

For years, the answer to that question was deafening silence. Finally, as my feelings of frustration turned to rage turned to inspiration, I realized that I would need to answer it myself.

So I created Embrago.

This is my gift to every woman who’s ever been made to feel ‘wrong’ because she's small-but-big. To every woman whose hands and shoulders ache. To every woman who stares in dismay at her bra drawer in the morning, dreading the strapping up process.

Yes. There IS something better.

(That's the answer I wanted to hear!)

Please help me spread the word.


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