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BAND-FREE sizing tm

Embrago's innovative styles fit and support curvy bodies from Size 8-24 and 0X-3X.

We invented our own size chart especially for fuller bust bodies (cup sizes D-L), with band-free sizing that eliminates the confusion of bra fitting.

Standard fashion industry size charts, even for plus size, are based on small busts (A-B cups, sometimes C in plus size). The *actual* average bust size the U.S. is a DD cup. But most of us don't know our real cup size anyway, and it changes all the time!

So instead of using that confusing system, we did the heavy lifting (pun!)  in our design work to keep it simple for you on the front end (pun again!).


Fuller busts mean not just more volume but also more complicated curves and more gravity, which changes how clothes fit and drape. Most mainstream fashion brands ignore this issue and just add more fabric in all the wrong places. Not us. Everything we make starts with those wonderful, big curves, and is thoughtfully designed to make them look and feel their best.


 It's our mission to give you better choices and comfortable, well-fitting, high quality clothes especially made specifically for larger cup sizes, whether you're mid-size or plus size, petite or tall.



Just measure your bust at its fullest point. That's it! 


Your Embrago size may be smaller than what you are used to wearing. That's because Embrago is tailored to be bust friendly, so we build more room into the top than other brands (fits even large cups sizes DD-L).

Embrago Size Chart Mobile Friendly.png

Fitting tips


Still not sure which size to order? Just get in touch and a personal fitting consultant will email you back to walk you through our customized fitting process.


We're here to make sure you get the best fit, because that's where the magic happens!

If your bust is smaller than a DD cup (that is, if the difference between your full bust and underbust is less than 5 inches):

Go down a size from the chart.
For example, if you are 5'7' with a full bust of 42", your size on the chart would be a MEDIUM. But if your underbust is 38", meaning you are a D cup, you would go down to a SMALL. (Embrago is designed to fit best on DD cups and up.)

If your bust is larger than an L cup (that is, if the difference between your full bust and underbust is 13 inches or more):

Go up a size from the chart.
For example, if you are 5'7' with a full bust of  47", your size on the chart would be a  LARGE. But if your underbust is 34", meaning you are an M cup, you would go up to an X-LARGE. 

If you have a larger tummy:

If your waist measurement is within 5 inches of your bust size or larger than your bust -- then go UP one size from the chart.
For example, if you are 5'2" with a 40 inch bust, your size on the chart would be a SMALL. But if your waist  is 36", which is within 5" of your bust, you would go up a size  to  a MEDIUM. (Embrago fits best if your waist is at least 5 inches smaller than your full bust.)

If you have a very wide back or very broad shoulders:

Go up a size from the chart.  


Measuring Hack
where to measure.png

If you don't have a measuring tape, grab a phone charge cord, a scarf, a belt, or a long piece of ribbon. Slip it around your back and bring the ends around your body in the front at the fullest part of your chest (shown). Exhale. With one hand, find and hold the end point, take it off your body. Mark it if you need to.

Now use a ruler or download a phone ruler app (just search your app store for 'free ruler app') to measure your cord or ribben in sections. Just lay your ruler or phone on the floor, and stretch the cord across it in ruler-length sections. Keep count of how many times you move it until you get to the end.

Now, multiply the inches on your ruler by the number of full lengths you counted, and then add any partial inches at the end. (Example: your phone app shows 5 inches. You count 7 full lengths and the last piece measures 3 inches. So you multiply 5 inches times 7 lengths to get 35 inches. Then you add the last 3 inches, so 35" + 3" = 38". Your full bust measurement is 38".

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