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Revolutionizing Fashion

Embrago believes that full-busted women deserve to feel dressed and elegant without having to wear a constrictive bra. So we invented a new choice in women's fashion.

Especially for Curves

Because women with larger breasts and mature curves have been particularly under-served by the fashion industry, Embrago's debut collection is designed especially for women with larger busts, providing support and shaping for DD-L cup sizes. 

What's in a name?

Our name is pronounced /em-BRA-go/ and it is a mashup of two words that together capture the spirit of our company:  embrace and imago.

Embrace comes from the feeling you get when you put on an Embrago design: snugly and safely held in the best kind of hug. One that is strong, soft, and secure.

Imago is the final and fully-developed adult stage of a butterfly, and this  represents both the beauty and maturity of a woman that comes with time, change, and patience. (We also love that it describes the lightness and freedom-from-gravity that you feel when wearing our designs!)

Embrago is committed to designing with compassion for our curves and giving women what we really want and need from our clothes: support, comfort, and beauty, all in one versatile package.

The Why

In the 100+ years since the invention of the bra, there have been no new options for women to dress their curves. It's been a bra or no-bra world. Full-busted women have been ignored and left out of every bra-free movement across the decades, because for reasons of practicality most feel they don't have the option to go bra-less.

Eight years ago, Embrago set out to change that, convinced that in a world of smart textiles and ever more sophisticated technology, there had to be a better way.

It wasn't easy. The fashion-maker industry in the U.S. has all but disappeared, and what remains is slow to change. It took years of research, long days and nights, months of developing and testing designs and construction techniques, and producing countless prototypes.


But the dedication and determination paid off and ultimately, we succeeded. We created a patented support system that uses just sophisticated seam engineering, premium-quality organic cotton, and strategically-placed smart textiles to shape and support even very large busts, with absolutely no hardware. No underwire, no hooks, no elastic, no foam, no plastic. Just all-over softness that shapes your curves beautifully, with compassion and gentleness.

This is ready-to-wear clothing that offers all the support and contouring of a bra, the sleek versatility of designer basics, and the comfort of soft sweatpants. It also happens to be the first-ever patented bra-free clothing, giving full-busted women an unprecedented choice in how to dress.

Commitment to  Quality

In order for such a soft garment to provide bra-equivalent support and shaping, finding the highest quality fabric and couture-grade construction skill was critical. After three years of design and prototyping, it took another two years of sourcing fabric and auditioning producers to find one who could understand and meet the technical requirements and finish the pieces to our luxe standards. After a nationwide search, we found a woman-owned producer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city with a long history of manufacturing innovation.

Now we are bringing Embrago to the world. Each piece is hand-sewn locally and triple-inspected on location to ensure that it meets the highest standards for quality, beauty, and comfort.

Want to Know More?

Learn more about our journey on our blog.

Visit FAQs  for more about what makes Embrago different.

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