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  • What makes Embrago designs different?
    Embrago is the first and only collection that gives full-busted women bra-free comfort combined with secure support so they can still be beautifully dressed without a bra. By combining elements of intimates, loungewear, activewear, and ready-to-wear, Embrago creates a versatile hybrid fashion category that solves the wardrobe problems of real women with fuller busts. We integrate three design elements: First, we are the only brand to feature Curve Care Technology (TM), a patented support system designed for comfort. We completely eliminate the tight chest band used by most bras and bra alternatives for support. Our technology lifts, shapes and separates larger busts without hardware and without constricting the body. Our unique design is engineered especially for curves and has never before been incorporated in women's ready-to-wear clothing. Second, we craft by hand in the USA with couture techniques. Only highly-skilled stitchers can meet the high quality standards and technical demands of our designs. This means exquisite fit and long-wearing quality for you. And third, we insist on premium quality fabric. Organic cotton is both substantial and breathably soft, making it the best possible fabric for total comfort. It's also sustainably and ethically sourced. Embrago is slow fashion, hand cut and sewn with care and attention to detail and quality right here in the USA, not cheaply mass manufactured like fast fashion which uses cheaper fabric and simpler designs that don't accommodate women's curves. (So *you* end up paying in the poorer fit, discomfort, lower quality and shorter lifespan of those clothes.) Embrago's emphasis on design, materials, technology, and technique offers you something new: really supportive, truly comfortable, lifestyle-friendly versatility and style. Each piece is designed to be a wardrobe workhorse -- wear it over and over, wash it in the machine, dress it up, dress it down. Work, do yoga, go out to events, or even sleep in it. Embrago is designed to go 24/7 and made for the excruciatingly busy and demanding lifestyles of real women, with real bodies and things to get done. Our clothing is guaranteed to make you look amazing and feel amazing, no matter what is on your schedule. Every piece is meticulously designed, sewn, and tested with attention to the detail that matters to a full-busted or mature-busted woman. Here are just a few of the carefully thought-out details and quality checkpoints that go into every piece: 1. Curve Care Technology (TM) means no elastic band. No "shelf bra". No tight horizontal strap of any kind around your midriff or ribcage or stomach. Our designs won't slide up, roll up, or dig in. 2. No metal hardware. There are no wires, no hooks, no strap clasps. 3. No squeezy compression nylon. Most wire-free support options are just machine-knit tubes of polyester that squeeze your body tightly, which is unhealthy and uncomfortable and can interfere with circulation and digestion. Embrago's support comes from the patented design and construction that is soft and gently supportive: think gentle hug, not tight squeeze. 4. Premium organic cotton. There is simply nothing more natural, breathable, and comfortable against your skin than premium, organic cotton. Period. 5. No itchy tags or seams. Our size and care labels are hand silk-screened directly onto the fabric so there are no tags to irritate delicate areas. Seams are carefully bound with a specialty thread made specifically to prevent skin irritation (the kind used for newborn babies' clothing). 6. Thoughtful placement of key support points and wider shoulder straps. Straps are anchored behind the shoulder, not on top, and are cut generously to distribute weight and reduce irritation. Subtle smart-textile support panels virtually disappear while providing "up, in, and forward" support and shaping. (So no uniboob, no side-squash, no down-slippage.) 7. Timeless, versatile design. Each piece is modest enough to wear for work, feminine enough to be alluring. These are capsule wardrobe basics you can accessorize to suit your personal style as your needs change over the course of the day and night.
  • What size am I?
    Embrago designs are cut to accommodate and support larger busts than most other brands. Our size range covers sizes 8-24 and 0X-3X. Our Full Bust size ranges are indicated with each product. You can also confirm your perfect fit with our easy-to-use Size Chart.
  • I need a lot of support. Won't I need to wear a bra or shapewear underneath?
    No. Embrago designs were created specifically to be worn without a bra or any type of shapewear. The patented support system is an exclusive combination of smart textiles and luxury-quality fabric that was deliberately chosen so that full-busted or mature-busted women can wear them bra-free. It's literally what they were made for! The substantial weight of the fabric creates a gentle-yet-effective shaping effect without the discomfort or unhealthy squeezing of shapewear or traditional wireless options. The overall effect is slimming and elegant, no matter how large your cuves.
  • What is the fabric like?
    Embrago styles are made with premium organic cotton with just the right amount of spandex to create the exclusive 4-way stretch that keep you luxuriously comfortable and moving freely even while you enjoy great shaping and lift. The weight of the fabric is a substantial -- a sign of its quality and durability -- and provides security, coverage, and support. The fabric is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
  • Will you be coming out with more styles?
    Yes! We have plans for more styles and colors to come. Because we work very hard to ensure that the fit, support, and comfort are perfect, our new styles go through extensive testing. We'd love to hear what you think! Drop us a note with your feedback on the Contact Us page.
  • I'm skeptical. I hate bras, but I've tried everything and nothing else works. Why should I try this?"
    Because Embrago was created for YOU and for every woman who dreads strapping on the heavy harness of a full-support underwire bra in the morning. For every woman who sees dismaying red grooves and marks on her shoulders and bust when she takes it off at night and suffers nerve pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain. For every woman who has scoffed at the term "shelf bra" but still chooses comfort bras because she feels she has no other option and hates that it gives her no shape. Embrago is not like any other fashion brand. It was created to fill a real need that every full-busted and mature-busted woman out there has but which has never been met, before now: real comfort and bra-free support in a versatile, lifestyle-friendly style. We make Embrago styles because we passionately believe that women deserve them. If you don't love how it looks and feels on you, you can always return it for a full refund with our 30-day risk free guarantee. We think you'll love it!
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