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The Collection

"As much lift and support as an underwire bra--but so much more comfortable!"
--, DD+ fashion site

"The quality is top notch. Highly recommend investing in these fab items!"
-- Jennifer Hughes-Bines, Opera Singer & Bra Fitter


"This top really does provide as much lift and support as an underwire bra—but it’s so much more comfortable. It’s a far cry from the shelf bras and boob-bifurcating elastic you get from typical “built-in bras” of traditional clothing brands! By the end of the day, the top was still in perfect shape (no stretching out!) and my bust still looked and felt fully supported. I didn’t think about my boobs the whole day."

Leah (30G) - New York, NY

"It makes me feel smoothed out like shapewear but also lifted like a bra. I can move in it without feeling like I am going to pop out."

Cat (32F) - Claysville, PA

"I can honestly say that Embrago is changing the game for women with fuller busts. This is the first time in my LIFE that I can actually wear a top completely bra-less. It's life changing."

Autumn (40H) - Pittsburgh, PA

"This dress is perfect for singers! Especially ones who travel a lot for gigs and auditions. And it is seriously comfortable, fits like a warm hug. You can tell that no cost was spared in its making, the quality is top notch and you can really feel it!"

Jen (30FF)  - Berlin, Germany

"This top is freaking amazing. It's so supportive and comfortable. I feel like I look attractive and my fiancé agrees!"

Katie (28H) - Cummaquid, MA

"As the owner of a bra shop specializing in hard-to-fit sizes, I'm always looking for good options for fuller-busts. Embrago is unique. It really does support large busts as well as a bra, while feeling super comfy and looking great. I wear a large cup size myself and I’ve never been able to go out in public without a full support bra until I found this. I love mine!"

Judy (34J) -  Wexford, PA

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