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I'm going to New York City bra-less!

I am going to New York City.

I am not taking a bra.

And I am more relaxed and stress-free than I've ever been before a trip.

This trip will be a mix of business and pleasure. My schedule is packed. I’ll be meeting new people, walking a lot, moving things, standing for hours, sitting for hours, working all day, going out at night, up early and at it again each day.

This kind of trip used to stress me out, big time. Worrying about travel delays, worrying I won’t sleep, and most of all, worrying about what to wear. The challenge of packing for all that different activity while keeping my luggage reasonable used to be overwhelming.

This time, I am not stressing at all about packing. For New York! Where the pressure is on to look amazing, or at least NOT to look like a middle-aged mom. How is it that I am not stressing?

Unexpectedly, delightfully, Embrago is making it all easy.

Not only does the capsule collection cover every activity the weekend will bring, I also know it will make me look good. Even though my body is softer and rounder than it was 20 years ago, and even though most days I grapple with mid-life body doubts, I know that when I wear Embrago I am presenting the best-looking me to the world: sleek, slimmed, silhouetted.

I know I’ll also be comfortable, so I won’t suffer from the energy-drain of pain and distraction from underwires, tight bands, or constrictive shapewear.

Best of all, I know it will be easy!

No more anticipatory internal mental negotiations as I fret about what-top-with-what-bra-what-outfit-change-needs-bra-change-evening-wear-needs-shapewear. None of that mental exhaustion. No more frantically cramming a few more handfuls of things into my bag while racing out the door.

Now? I can relax and enjoy ample time and creative energy to think about the fun stuff and the journey ahead.

I can focus on my experiences.

There's plenty of room in my suitcase, too. 😉


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