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Revolutionary built-in bust support for comfort and fit.

More than 8 years of research, prototyping, fit testing, and material sourcing went into engineering Embrago’s unique design and style – plus a lot of imagination and determination.

Band-Free Patented Design

What makes Embrago's design so unique is its innovative full support system that lifts and shapes the bust while completely eliminating the tight chest band. Bras and other bra alternatives rely on tightly-fitted bands around the rib cage to support breast tissue. But those tight bands cause painful and unhealthy constriction and don't accommodate your body's natural changes due to hydration or hormone and weight fluctuations. So Embrago uses a radically new band-free design with flexible seaming and an invisible network of hidden panels to lift and shape without constriction.


Premium Fabric & Fabrication

Because we don't use any hardware, the right fabric is essential. We choose only premium textiles that are strong and durable and luxuriously soft, natural fibers, not the oppressive synthetics used by shapewear companies. We source the highest-quality sustainable organic cotton that is breathable, naturally odor-resistant, and gentle on your skin. Then we add just the right amount of stretch and anchoring for secure support and coverage with maximum comfort and ease. For the highest quality fabrication, our styles are hand-sewn in the USA to exacting technical standards and with a luxe finishing details, to last wear after wear, wash after wash. Every seam is bound and covered so nothing irritates your sensitive skin, for beautiful, soft support -- and a perfect fit, every day.

Compassionate design so effective and so innovative, it's won a U.S. patent and two International Design Awards.

Better Design for Better Health

Embrago's design is the first truly new approach that prioritizes the health and comfort of women with fuller busts and mature curves, the ones most affected by daily bra pain. Millions of women in the U.S. wear bras daily, spending 75% of their lives in their bras. The average bust size is 34DD, and the tissue damage worsens with age, so women over 40 with larger busts suffer the most. The health issues range from back pain and migraines to acid reflux and irregular heartbeats. Embrago's design is the first and only one designed to eliminate the root causes and allow women's bodies to function naturally.

Premium Fabric

Freedom to Move and Flow

Your body can move and function naturally while the patented design securely holds your bust in place. You won't feel "harnessed" by elastic and tight straps like with sports bras and tops, and you won't feel like you're going to fall out. Our soft, band-free designs allow total freedom of movement, which means  you can breathe deeply and your muscles, nerves, blood, and lymph fluid can move and flow freely, for better range of motion, health, and exercise outcomes.

Compassion for Curves

More than five years of extensive research, prototyping and material sourcing went into engineering the unique design, plus a lot of imagination and determination. This is a truly new and better choice for women, one that completely eliminates tight chest bands and underwires while securely supporting the bust in comfort-forward style that adapts to your body's natural changes. Our patented Body Responsive Design™ is revolutionizing the way women get dressed, empowering women with clothes that work as hard as we do, for better, easier, healthier lifestyles.

Embrago Full Support Bra Free Top
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