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Full bust support and shaping without bras or elastic.

Sustainable luxury style you just pull on and go.


Listen to your body, not your bra

The bra industry tells you that bra pain can be fixed by wearing the right size. But that doesn't work when you have a larger bust or a more sensitive body. Your lived experience is the truth:  no bra can change the forces of gravity and friction.

It's time for a new kind of bust support: one designed with more compassion for your curves.



A better way to feel secure and confident

The solution to bra discomfort isn't a "built-in" bra or a "comfort" bra that is  really just more machine-knit shapewear. 


The answer is a totally new approach that eliminates the bra entirely. How? By eliminating the need for one. By skipping the bra layer altogether and building bust support into the clothing itself.

That's what Embrago does. With an ingenious patented design and more than 20 specially engineered seams, you get effective support that's invisible, and also "un-feelable". There's no added bulk, no hardware, and you feel.....nothing! 


An easy and sustainable way to dress

Buying new bras all the time isn't practical or sustainable, for us or for the planet. And dealing with the hassle of bras every day drains our most precious resource: time.

With Embrago, one piece does the job of both inner and outer layers, and adjusts to give you the perfect fit and the right support every day. Each style is hand sewn in small batches in the USA with the highest quality fabric and fabrication, reducing waste and lasting for years.


Dressing well is easier and more convenient than ever. So you can go live your life!


The first time in my LIFE I can actually wear a top completely braless!"

- Autumn R.
Pittsburgh, PA

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"This top really does provide as much lift and support as an underwire bra—but it’s so much more comfortable. It’s a far cry from the shelf bras and boob-bifurcating elastic you get from typical “built-in bras” of traditional clothing brands! By the end of the day, the top was still in perfect shape (no stretching out!) and my bust still looked and felt fully supported. I didn’t think about my boobs the whole day."

Leah (30G) - New York, NY

"It makes me feel smoothed out like shapewear but also lifted like a bra. I can move in it without feeling like I am going to pop out."

Cat (32F) - Claysville, PA

"I can honestly say that Embrago is changing the game for women with fuller busts. This is the first time in my LIFE that I can actually wear a top completely bra-less. It's life changing."

Autumn (40H) - Pittsburgh, PA

"This dress is perfect for singers! Especially ones who travel a lot for gigs and auditions. And it is seriously comfortable, fits like a warm hug. You can tell that no cost was spared in its making, the quality is top notch and you can really feel it!"

Jen (30FF)  - Berlin, Germany

"This top is freaking amazing. It's so supportive and comfortable. I feel like I look attractive and my fiancé agrees!"

Katie (28H) - Cummaquid, MA

"As the owner of a bra shop specializing in hard-to-fit sizes, I'm always looking for good options for fuller-busts. Embrago is unique. It really does support large busts as well as a bra, while feeling super comfy and looking great. I wear a large cup size myself and I’ve never been able to go out in public without a full support bra until I found this. I love mine!"

Judy (34J) -  Wexford, PA


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