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Effortless Elegance: All-Occasion Ease, Comfort and Style for Women Over 40

A year after adding Embrago to her wardrobe, one woman finds her closetand her lifestyle transformed for the better.

Last summer, Connie discovered Embrago and decided to give Full Support Fashion a try.

Connie wasn't sure what to expect at first and was a little uncertain about leaving the house without a bra on. But she realized she was fully supported and no one could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. And then she started getting compliments from strangers. And she loved how comfortable she felt.

So, she started reaching for her top more often, and started adding more styles to her collection. Now she's literally traveling the world with more confidence, comfort and ease than she ever thought possible, while packing a lot less in her suitcase.

In this video, hear how she went from trying on her first top to being a devoted multi-style fan, in a personal chat with Embrago Founder Karen Poirier.

Connie's takeaway style tips:

Replace your synthetic yoga tops

"I don't even want to buy synthetic tops any more. One round of racquetball and they have to go immediately in the wash. With the organic cotton in Embrago, I can wear it multiple times before I have to wash it! It doesn't hold odors. And it's not like other sports bras and tops: now I don't have straps digging into my shoulders."

Swap out accessories

"I pair it with jackets, with sweaters, with scarves. It's incredible how versatile it is. I can dress it up or down, play with the straps, and adjust the look for how I'm feeling and the look I want, day or night."

Wear it for events

"I go to a lot of art events, and I love how it's so chic and versatile. I can dress it up at night, or wear it for comfortably strolling around galleries all day. "

Embrace your curves

"I feel really sexy in the dress and so much more confident! It fits close to the body so it shows your curves but the fabric is so nice it doesn't show the lumps and bumps. Men who are much younger than me ask me out when I wear this dress--that's never happened before!"

Wear it for travel

"Because you can style the straps differently, it looks like you have two tops instead of one. I like this so much better than a tank top because the neckline is perfect for my body type and I don't have to wear a bra, which is a huge plus."

Follow Connie on Instagram at @naturally.gray to see where her journey takes her next!


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